Testing & Inspection

Testing & Inspection

If you purchase equipment from us, we guarantee that’s well working equipment. It is possible that the machine has not yet been inspected. You can choose to have the inspection done by Sindorf. We work with various partners and also do the inspections ourselves. Below are the partners we work with.

If you want to keep everything under one roof, we can handle the inspection ourselves. Let us know whether you want us to handle the inspection or one of our partners below.

Our inspection & testing partners


You can also contact us for the annual aerial work platform inspection. This is a periodic inspection which is now mandatory when personnel work on the machine.

Working at heights entails dangers and therefore requires a safe machine. Window cleaners, cleaners, electricians, mechanics, construction workers and painters often use a cherry picker. We must be able to rely on the machine in the knowledge that they have a safe machine at their disposal. More and more owners and lessors of aerial work platforms are taking responsibility for safety and have the machines inspected annually.

To prevent accidents and unsafe situations, the government requires that work equipment must be inspected periodically. According to Dutch law, the minimum requirement that must be met is once a year.

The advantages you have if you have your machine inspected by B.Sindorf is that you have the choice of having the machine perform a periodic inspection ourselves or by an independent inspection body that we can arrange for you. Please note that when you choose for an external independent inspection organisation, it is less likely that the inspections can not be planned on short terms.
The inspection is performed by an experienced inspector who has been tested for his knowledge in the field of work material, this is sufficient for the requirement set by law.


During an inspection the following will be looked at:

  • Safety Markings
  • Existing protections
  • Tyres
  • Construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Type of plate and/or present CE marking
  • and more..

When the machine is approved, an inspection report and an inspection sticker are handed to you.